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National Novice

  • Ages: 10-12

  • Frequency: 4-5 days per week

  • Days: see schedule

  • Hours weekly: 16-20

  • Yearly Fee:  inquire

  • Admin fee: $250

National Junior

  • Ages: 12-15

  • Frequency : 5-6 days per week

  • Days: see schedule

  • Hours weekly: 20-24

  • Yearly Fee: inquire

  • Admin fee: $250

National Senior

  • Ages: 15+

  • Frequency :5-6 days per week

  • Days: see schedule

  • Hours Weekly: 20-24

  • Yearly Fee: inquire

  • Admin fee: $250

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  • Fees will include the following on your invoice:

    • Jusco Administration Fee: $250.00

    • Gymnastics Ontario (GO) Fee including insurance: $375.00

  • Payments can be made in 8 instalments (Admin and GO fees to be paid in September)

  • Payment forms accepted: credit card, Interac E-Transfer - no cash, or cheques

  • No refunds of any kind after December 1

  • Fees for classes missed due to illness, vacation or other personal reasons will not be refunded.  *NO EXCEPTIONS*

  • Competition fees are excluded from membership fees and you will receive separate invoice(s)

  • Fundraising participation is expected to cover the yearly operating budget during events such as Jusco Invitational and other competitions

  • A $50 contribution per family will be invoiced as part of the competition and event fees

  • Statutory holidays do not have makeup classes

  • Gymnasts who travel for competitions must adhere to the travel policy of the club

  • Jusco Rhythmic Gymnastics Club reserves the right to cancel classes where registration is insufficient and issue refunds

Waiver - by completing and submitting the registration form, you hereby agree to:

Release Jusco Rhythmic Gymnastics Club and its staff from all claims for damages arising from any accidents or injury which are caused by or arise from participation of the above named applicant traveling to and/or from or during any activities organized by “Jusco Rhythmic Gymnastics Club” and any of its coaches.

I understand that videos and photos may be taken of the above athlete and other athletes involved in Jusco Rhythmic Gymnastics Club activities to be used for promotion of the club in online and other promotional materials such as social media. I hereby agree to such limited use.

I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that the information on this form is kept current and I will notify the club of any changes immediately.